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Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

We scour every inch of your ducts a MINIMUM of 3 times using a combination of rubber brushes and compressed air.

The debris is caught by powerful vacuums with medical grade, true HEPA filters.  We also run a powerful HEPA air scrubber while we work.  (We run a fancy air purifier in your home while we clean your ducts.  The benefit of this is we are cleaning the air in your home as well as the furnace and all the ducts)

The components of your furnace are cleaned and inspected at no additional charge.  Your furnace handles all the air for your home and moving parts get dirty.  This is why we include the cleaning of the furnace in our duct cleaning process at no additional charge.

No hidden fees or charges

Our pricing is listed in its entirety online.  

There’s no reason for duct cleaning prices to be a mystery or for the price to increase after showing up.  

Our pricing formula is so easy you can calculate a FIRM price on your own.

Clean is Clean

You don’t hire a dental hygenist to clean parts of your mouth and you shouldn’t hire a duct cleaner to clean parts of your system.   That’s why we don’t offer “different levels” of clean.  

We only use the newest generation of industry tools to clean your ducts as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our service really is as thorough as duct cleaning gets.

Why hire HepaVac?


All our vaccuums have true HEPA filters, meaning we can run our equipment in hospitals. We take extra steps so we can remove as many allergens from your home as possible.


We don’t have any gimmicks or pushy salesman-we just want to improve the indoor air quality in your home.


Cleaning is all about the details. Our process is incredibly thorough.


We take before and after pictures so you can verify the result of the project


We offer appointment times rather than “windows” 


We are completely committed to customer service and our industry, and it shows! Check out our reviews on Google.

HepaVac Signature Duct Cleaning

$299 covers the cost of cleaning up to 16 openings.  There are absolutely no other fees or charges.  If your home has more than 16 openings, the formula for calculating the TOTAL price is simply: Number Of Openings X $19.  

What counts as “an opening?”  Just count all your vents and returns (any opening that leads to your furnace) and multiply by $19.   A good way to estimate the number of openings in your home: total sq footage divided by 100.  So a 2,000 sq ft home has about 20 duct openings and will cost $380 for us to clean the entire HVAC system.

$19 per opening covers the cost of the ENTIRE project-scrubbing every inch of ductwork in your home, including the trunks and furnace.  We don’t skip any sections of ductwork or upsell different cleaning processes.

Apartment/Condo price is $299

Group discounts are available to folks who schedule with neighbors.  

Just $19 Per Opening


  • We clean every inch of your ducts a MINIMUM of 3 times using a combination of rubber brushes, roto-brushes and compressed air.
  • We run HEPA Air Scrubbers while we work so you can feel the improvement in indoor air quality before we leave your home.
  • We take before and after pics and videos and share them with you so you can verify the clean and inspect our work.
  • Appointments usually take around 3 hours.  We are the most thorough duct cleaners in the area!
  • Certified and professional technicians
  • Award winning service and expertise
  • No high pressure sales or gimmicks. Our highly trained technicians are paid salary rather than commision. We want our staff to stay with us a long time because experience matters and sets us apart from our competitors.

Air Purification

This unit cleans all the air in your home using UV radiation.

$439 installed. MSRP $469 plus installation.

The Breathe Clean Total Home Air Purification System kills anything biological going through your ducts-specifically the dust mites, mold virus and bacteria. The Breathe Clean has two powerful 16 inch Ultra Violet lights that sanitize the air in your entire home. The unit is installed above your furnace and requires no maintenance other than changing the bulbs every 12-18 months.  Highly recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers.


“Hepa Vac did a fantastic job for us cleaning our vents in our home and office in Prior Lake, MN.

Mr. Reed Manke performed the work himself and spent an extensive amount of time cleaning and explaining the process and showing us the results versus original conditions. We would highly recommend Hepa Vac to anyone in need of a company that really cares about its clients. Based upon our previous experience with another company Hepa Vac greatly exceeded our expectations and we valued the integrity and professionalism.

Thank you again for doing such a great job.”

Steve and Judy O.

“Reed from HepaVac Duct Cleaning did a great job with the duct cleaning at our home. He also cleaned out our dryer vent and cleaned and checked our Furnace. He updated me on the work and gave me ideas on some general maintenance. If you are looking for a duct cleaning service you should look no further than Reed with HepaVac. I would definitely use him again and will refer him to friends and family.”

David S.

We are Available Mon-Sat: 9am - 6pm

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