People often ask me “What’s the difference between your company and the competition?”

I usually just provide a few of my favorite details about the company and try to reassure them that we are good at cleaning air ducts. 

But I think the most accurate answer has to do with how I pay my employees: Most duct cleaners pay their technicians a commission based on a percentage of the revenue produced per appointment. This forces technicians to find ways to increase the bill in order for them to make a comfortable wage. Technicians who don’t like to sell are forced to rush their labor and fit as many jobs onto their schedule as possible, completing eight, nine, or even more duct cleaning appointments per day.  Even if the technician has integrity and is working his hardest, you cannot effectively clean that many homes per day. 

Two: 2 homes per day per technician is what we do.  Our technicians are paid a salary, have health insurance, and are incentivized to do quality work rather than “rush and sell.”  When they make a suggestion to you for a product or service that we provide, you can rest assured that they genuinely believe it will help improve the condition of your home.

It’s not just that we do fewer homes per day, ours is a mindset of quality and professionalism that permeates everything we do.  

We care. It’s pretty easy for a company to sound cheesy when they talk about how much they care, but here’s the deal: We take this whole “air duct cleaning” thing pretty seriously.  We won’t leave a customer’s home until we are completely satisfied that the system is as clean as possible.  We believe that what we do is important and we will do our best to improve the indoor air quality in your home.

HepaVac is an experiment in sustainability.  We need to stay lean and efficient in order for our business model to succeed.  You will find cheaper duct cleaners as you shop around but the value from our services is in a league of its own.  



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